I focus on building digital brands, Corporate Identity, graphic design

and User experiences for web.

I really love what I do.

I firmly believe that one can only reach success and achieve happiness when being enthusiastic and passionate about what one does.


Hi !


My name is Thomas Li Vigni,

I'm a graphic, web and visual designer,


this is my portfolio, this is

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awards & recognitions

job history

Corporate Identity

2007 - 2010                  Set designer for 'Samarcada'  -  Italy

2010 - 2012                  Graphic designer Junior for 'Studio Presse'  -  France

2012 - 2013                  Art Director for 'Tout Lyon'  -  France

2014 - 2015                  Freelance Graphic Designer  -  France

Graphic Design

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Site of the Day

App Design

Art Direction

Web Design

Mobile Design


Visual Design

Digital Painting

- thomaslivigni.com

- thomaslivigni.com

- livodesign.com

- thomaslivigni.com

- thomaslivigni.com

- thomaslivigni.com

- thomaslivigni.com

- thomaslivigni.com

- livodesign.com

- thomaslivigni.com

- thomaslivigni.com

- jeux-d-denfants.fr


I would like the opportunity to join a creative team

and continue to evolve in my job.

So if you love my work, contact me!

I'm confident that my artistic skills combined with my understanding

of business stakes will bring something good to your company.

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